Cost Modelling

Cost modelling is one of the best techniques used by professionals to get the best possible outcome.

  • Baseline labour cost model.

  • Wage cost modelling.

  • Allowance cost modelling.

  • Cost benchmarking.

Labour Analytics

Empower business leaders with the data they need to understand labour issues and make informed decisions.

  • Overtime optimisation.

  • Absence analysis.

  • Long service leave insights.

  • Workforce productivity.

Scenario Modelling

Understand the combined effect of multiple parameters for each company and union claim.

  • Negotiation scenario costing.

  • Best-worst case analysis.

  • Company claim costing.

  • Union claim costing.

Productivity Review

Improve employee-employer relationships through productivity measurement and focus on capabilities.

  • Performance measures.

  • Direct labour efficiency rate.

  • Employee productivity analytics.

  • Productivity baseline.

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