Empower business leaders with the data they need to understand labour issues and make informed decisions.


Manage overtime effectively.

Identify exceptions and patterns that help you address overtime issues so your business runs more efficiently.

Overtime Analysis
Tackle Absenteeism


Tackle absenteeism.

Learn what drives absenteeism, measure the costs, and get meaningful insights you can act on.


Improve productivity.

Take a proactive approach to managing workforce productivity and drive organisational success. Get specific, employee-level recommendations.

Improve productivity
We’ve helped some amazing organisations in Australia:
Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority
Wettenhalls Transport
Toll Group

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Other modelling services.

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Cost Modelling

Cost modelling is one of the best techniques used by professionals to answer complex questions.

Scenario Modelling

Understand the combined effect of multiple parameters for each company and union claim.

Productivity Review

Improve employee-employer relationships through productivity measurement.