Cost Modelling

Labour Cost.

Labour is one of the largest expenses any business has to absorb. And since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we’ve developed the labour cost model so that you can optimise your spending.

Cost Modelling

What is a Labour Cost Model?

Cost modelling is one of the best techniques used by professionals to get answers to complex business questions. Here are a few examples:

Baseline labour cost

Understand your current all-inclusive labour cost (hourly pay, allowances etc.) and identify improvement opportunities.

Wage cost modelling

Investigate relationships between hours of work and applicable pay rates. Improve accuracy of your budgeting process.

Cost benchmarking

Compare the cost of labour against the award or competitor enterprise agreement. Measure and improve performance of different departments.

Allowance cost modelling

Determine the true cost of an employee, taking into account minimum entitlements and all extra payments. Make smarter choices when planning new allowances.

Enterprise Bargaining Cost Model


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